Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Getting ready for a 3day craft event in a nearby village and needed to get back to my beading roots. The event is all about demonstrating your craft and very child focused so I thought the best way to engage the little ones would be the same thing that had me pick up beads for the first time. I am in the middle of making herds of beaded animals and this got me collecting patterns in the last few weeks resulting in a pinterest album with well over 100 free patterns. Impressive, isn't it? :)
It would be a shame to keep this a seecret so here it is for all to see:


If you would like to meet me and learn a few basic beading tricks, this is the event you can find me at over the Bank Holiday.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

These are just because I've wanted to use those large burnt orange beads for a long time now.


With the end of school year quickly approaching I thought I'd make some fun teacher gifts. How do you like my apple charms? Teacher friends, would you wear them as earrings? Wouldn't they be fun for the first day of school? :)